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Welcome to the future of digital signage
iFace is the digital mirror revolutionizing the luxury advertising landscape

The iFace Digital Mirror™

Cleverly installed behind the mirror face, the high calibre screen technology is completely hidden. Elegant and seamless, it allows a functional yet versatile utility. Designed for indoor out-of-home spaces, iFace Digital Mirror™ brings the substance to luxury brands’ marketing campaigns and digital innovation to premium venues.

Digital signage plays a significant role in determining purchase decisions, brand awareness increase and carbon footprint reduction.

iface digital mirror

Enhanced quality

The first iFace Digital Mirror™ prototype was launched in 2012, having been operational without any failure since then.

  • Fireproof cabling, waterproof glass and drop-tested in the lift environment
  • Industrial panel with LED technology
  • Comprehensive H&S Compliant
  • Laminated Safety VSG Glass
  • Low power consumption
  • 4K Long Life Displays
  • Full HD Resolution
  • IP Rating Options
  • CE Certified and EU produced

Additional complements


Speaker system

Hidden technology


Interactive technology




Presence, light, sound detection, gesture control


Audience analytics & Reporting solutions


Wi-Fi / 3G




iface mirror

Install an iFace Digital Mirror™

Designed for commercial environments, hospitality venues and diverse points of sale, the iFace Digital Mirror™ unveils the perfect manner to capture the attention of clients via an elegant display of messages or other relevant content types. The implementation of the iFace Digital Mirror™ in venues sets the standard on the premium customer experience.

Information with respect to our brand partners advertising on your premises is available upon request.